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One Source Vitamins

One Source Prenatal Vitamins

One Source Prenatal Vitamins are essential to the health and well-being of both mother and developing fetus!

One Source Prenatal VitaminsOne Source prenatal vitamins are some of the best prenatal vitamins any woman can take – especially if you are pregnant!  They are every bit as good – some say better – than one a day prenatal vitamins or chewable prenatal vitamins.

One Source Prenatal Vitamins

Prescription prenatal vitamins are generally made from synthetic ingredients, since this is what’s used by a pharmaceutical company so they can patent and market their product as a pharmaceutical (all pharmaceuticals must be toxic in some defined quantity in order for the FDA to approve them as a pharmaceutical, and synthetic ingredients are how they usually achieve this toxicity test).

You  can find this out by looking at the prenatal vitamins ingredients – check this carefully for synthetic ingredients!

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Since fish oils are such an important source of nutrients, both for the mother and the developing baby, either find prenatal vitamins with dha or supplement your prenatal vitamin with a fish oil pill as well (but please be sure to use only molecularly distilled fish oil, to avoid to toxic mercury).

A prenatal plus vitamins supplement is actually redundant – vitamins are what are in all prenatal vitamin supplements!

Primacare prenatal vitamins, Stuart prenatal vitamins, Prenate dha prenatal vitamins – these are all great brands, along with One Source prenatal vitamins, of course.

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